Sharing our Stories: Sandro Leal-Santiesteban

Our concertmaster, Sandro Leal-Santiesteban hasn't always lived in Pittsburgh. He emigrated to the US from Havana, Cuba, with one goal in mind: music. Check out a snippet of Sandro's story, as well as his mother Lourdes’ TED talk about her journey to the US, then make sure you get tickets to the national anthems, so we all can be united in music, no matter where in the world we're from!

It took 52 years for the US to re-established diplomatic relations with Cuba. During that time, Lourdes and many others fled to escape oppression. She will share her journey to the United States and her unforgettable roots to Cuba. At various points Lourdes has been a piano professor, vocal coach, music director and conductor.