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From Armenia to South Africa - musical expressions of hope and longing

Our countdown continues to the national anthems this weekend at Heinz Chapel and the Charity Randall Theatre! We’re looking forward to having you with us as our exploration of the globe unfolds in this celebration of music from around the world! Music and art are perhaps the most prominent and most lasting forms of expression by the oppressed and revolutionary.

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Spiritual connections from Estonia to Peru...

We hope you’re making plans to join us for the national anthems as we explore diversity and culture through many different lenses. The universal language of music establishes a common ground as we probe into the personal histories of the composers and performers featured in our program. While some bear stories of overcoming oppression and adversity, some recall adopting new homes as immigrants, and still others make peaceful reflections upon their heritage, all have unique perspectives that draw many parallels to the rich and diverse heritage of the Pittsburgh region!

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Sharing our stories: Lucky Rattan

Baritone Lucky Rattan performs with our Festival Chorus for the first time with the national anthems. He graciously shared with us his mother’s immigration story and reflections on his cultural identity:

“I am a first-generation American of Laotian descent. Growing up, I never realized and therefore never appreciated the great sacrifices that my mother made to come to the US.

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Of Jasmine & Roses - bringing together the music of China and Scotland

Did you know that Pittsburgh once had a bustling Chinatown of its own? Established by waves of Chinese immigrants who headed East after the California gold rush, the neighborhood is centered around the intersection of Grant Street and Boulevard of the Allies downtown. Today, Pittsburgh’s Chinatown has all but disappeared save one remaining restaurant and a few historic buildings. Nonetheless, the important legacy of our Chinese immigrants carries on…

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Take a trip around the world with us in the heart of Oakland!

If you’ve never taken a tour of the University of Pittsburgh’s Nationality Rooms, what better reason than as a prelude to our seventh season opener, the national anthems? These beautiful spaces were designed to represent the various cultures that have settled in Allegheny County over the course of its history. Our pre-concert guided tour will take you through a selection of the rooms, chosen to draw compelling parallels to the vibrant multicultural music you will hear…

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